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                  Available versions:
                  Standard; ATEX / CSA / IECEx
                  The programmable electronic pressure switch of the series EDS 4400 was specially developed in order to combine the advantages of a compact, robust and inexpensive device with the virtues of a programmable pressure switch. The EDS 4400 can be programmed conveniently and simply with the HPG 3000 programming device. If the connection between the programming device and the EDS 4400 is separated, then all of the settings will remain in effect in the pressure switch. This prevents the possibility of unauthorised or incorrect modification of the settings being made. The following parameters can be modified: - Switchpoint - Hysteresis - Switching direction (closer / opener) - Switching delay times The EDS 4400 is suitable for high-pressure applications (starting at 40 bar) and is equipped with a pressure measurement cell with thin-film DMS on a stainless steel diaphragm. 
                  The programmable electronic pressure switch EDS 4400 with pressure-proof capsulation and triple approval in accordance with ATEX, CSA and IECEx enables universal, world-wide utilisation in explosion-hazard surroundings. In comparison with the customer-specific permanently set pressure switches, the programmable EDS 4400 reduces the number of variants, which has a positive effect in terms of warehouse storage.
                  Choice between 1 or 2 switch outputs
                  Choice between PNP or NPN switching outputs
                  High switching output performance
                  Accuracy ±1% FS
                  Free, individual programming
                  Compact and robust design
                  ATEX and ATEX / CSA / IECEx version also available for explosion-hazard areas
                  Permanently adjusted versions also available for OEM applications

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