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Hello and thank you for your interest in the 2009 USGenWeb Election! Before you jump to any conclusions about the candidates, please take time to read and review all the campaign pages... then vote.

Now allow me to tell you the story of the Rose of Sharon pictured below.  It is a six generation family legacy.This is a picture of a sharon rose My great great great grandmother Keziah WIlliams brought the Sharon Rose with her to Florida from Duplin County, NC circa 1815. It was a cutting from her mother's plant.  Since then each generation of the family has taken a cutting and propagated it.

I got my cutting from my mother.  My father took a cutting from his mother when he and my mother married.  My grandmother, Emma Sullivan Hammock, took a cutting from her mother, Georgia Ann Allen.  My great great grandmother Charlotte Ann WIlliams took a cutting from her mother Keziah Williams.  There are currently two generations down from me with a legacy Rose of Sharon from cuttings taken from my sisters and nieces.

I think the Rose of Sharon symbolizes the efforts of the many USGenWeb Coordinators and volunteers.  They are all taking information from the past, sharing it, propagating it for future generations.


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